Information On Coaching In New Brunswick

New Brunswick Coaching Resources

Coaching is one of the three pillars of sport.  They are a dedicated group who put in a countless number of volunteer hours to provide opportunities for people to be active in the sport.

New Brunswick Rugby recognizes all of our coaches as a vital part of the game we all love. Thank you.

Below are links to resources coaches will find helpful in order to start or continue the journey which is coaching.

National Coaching Accreditation Pathway Chart (.pdf)

Rugby Canada And New Brunswick Coaching Courses And Clinics 

Website for coaching courses being offered in New Brunswick and around Canada. The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is here to help you be the best coach that you can be. When you take an NCCP clinic, you'll gain rugby technical abilities as well as leadership and decision-making skills. NCCP training will open doors to new opportunities in coaching and in life. To find out more on which coaching level you need to take please click on the links below for more information.

Rugby Canada's National Key Themes Document For High Schools And Club Coaches 

Rugby Canada's National Key Themes is a great resource for high school and club coaches to improve their knowledge of skills and how to transfer that knowledge to players though activities and drills.

World Rugby's Rugby Passport 

World Rugby Passport is your gateway to the training and education web sites provided by World Rugby. Registering for a World Rugby Passport gets you to access to online accreditation on a range of topics from Law education to physical preparation.

Rugby Canada's Play Smart For Player Welfare 

Rugby Canada PlaySmart is a Player Welfare program that aims to educate players, parents, coaches, match officials and administrators on the safety of rugby across Canada. The health and safety of every player across the country are of paramount importance and Rugby Canada strives to ensure a safe playing environment at all levels. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all players are protected and ensure that the game is played safely. As of February 1st, 2016, in the interest of player safety, Rugby Canada will be implementing the Rugby Canada PlaySmart program, which recommends that everyone involved at all levels of the game complete the following:
1) World Rugby RugbyReady
2) World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public