NB Rugby Board


Tim Comeau

Email: tim.comeau@gmail.com

Past President

Yves Pellerin

Email: Yves.Pellerin@bgis.com

Vice President

Chantal Goguen

Email: chantal.goguen@gmail.com


Pat O'Donnell

Email: patod506@hotmail.com


Whitney Burke-Callaghan

Email: wburkecallaghan@gmail.com

Director of Coaching

Vanessa Duffley

Email: Vanessaduffley@gmail.com 

Director of Referees

Chad Sooley

Email: chad.sooley@gmail.com

Director of Provincial Programs

Jason Hickey

Email: piratesrugby1@gmail.com

Director of High Performance


Email: n/a

Director of 7's

Scott Yvonne

Email: scottwyvonne@gmail.com 

Director of Women's Rugby

Emily Duffy

Email: emduffy@upei.ca 

Director of Youth Development

Grant Beckingham

Email: grant.beckingham@nbed.nb.ca

Director of Indigenous Rugby 

Jason Hickey 

Email: piratesrugby1@gmail.com


Technical Director

Curtis Lauzon

Email: curtis.nbru@gmail.com

Rugby Development Officer

Bailey Andrews

Email: bailey.andrews@rugbynb.ca